Film Supporters

The producer would like to thank the following for their financial support for this film producton:

Herschel Segal, Montreal, for major financial support.

Mr. Segal, founder and former CEO of Le Chateau Stores, is a significant contributor to various charitable causes and an important supporter of Jewish artistic projects.

The Zukerman Family Foundation, Toronto

The Zukerman Family Foundation, headed by Helen Zukerman, has been a major creator and supporter of many artistic projects in Toronto including the Toronto Jewish Film Festival and the Ashkenaz Festival.

The Tauben Family Foundation, Montreal

The Tauben Family Foundation, headed by Irwin Tauben, has been a supporter for many years of charitable causes in Montreal and artistic projects within the Montreal Jewish community, such as KlezKanada.

Without the support of these individuals and foundations this film production would not have been possible.

The producer would also like to thank the following people who provided important assistance to the production:

Naomi Alboim
Eric Stein & the Ashkenaz Foundation
Dr. Hy Goldman & the Foundation for Yiddish Culture
Maia Sutnik & the Art Gallery of Ontario